Canadian Man Suffers Major Head Injuries In Runaway Tire Accident


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A man in Canada sustained serious head injuries in a four-car accident when the vehicles hit tires that flew off a garbage truck.

 The crashes took place at 4:30 a.m. on Highway 403 near Dundas, Canada. The 23-year-old driver of a Suburu sedan involved in the crash suffered bad head injuries when he was thrown from his vehicle. He was air-lifted to a hospital.   

 Police said that the incident happened when cars struck a pair of runaway tires that came off the garbage truck. The drivers involved in the crashes couldn’t see the tires in the predawn darkness.

 After a series of fatal accidents a few years ago, at least one province in Canada put in place larger fines against trucking firms for accidents caused by runaway tires.     



Toyota Recalls Siennas Over Spare Tire Holders


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 Toyota is recalling more than 600,000 Sienna minivans over worries about the vehicles’ rusting spare tire holders.

 Toyota is worried that after the bad winter in the U.S., road salt could cause rust on the carrier cable that holds the Seinna’s spare tire, causing the tire to pop off and fall onto the road. That could pose a danger to other drivers, although the automaker says so far no accidents have been reported due to this problem.

 The automaker has already recalled more than 8,000 cars due to their defective accelerator pedal problems.

 In the case of the Sienna, the Toyota recall affects the 1998 to 2010 model Siennas that have two-wheel drive and have been sold in 20 states with cold weather, according to The New York Times.

 Toyota is trying to find a way to solve the tire problem.


Federal Authorities Blame Tires, Pilot For Travis Barker Jet Crash That Killed Four People


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 A federal probe has found that under-inflated tires were one of the causes of a 2008 Learjet crash that killed four people and injured Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker and the disc jockey DJ AM.

 The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) also attributed the crash to flight Captain Sarah Lemmon’s decision to abort takeoff when the plane was traveling at a dangerously fast speed.

 Lemmon only had 35 hours of experience flying a Learjet 60, and decided to stop the takeoff even though the plane was traveling at 150 miles per hour.

 The jet’s tires hadn’t been checked in three weeks, and on Sept. 18, 2008 it overshot the runway at a Columbia, S.C., airport. The plane was carrying Barker and DJ AM, whose real name is Adam Goldstein, two of their staff members and two pilots. The artists were leaving after performing in Columbia, S.C.

 When the pilot attempted to abort the takeoff, all four of the jet’s  tires exploded. Parts of the tires hit the plane’s hydraulic system, rendering the brakes useless.

 The jet ran off the runway, went through a fence, crossed a five-lane highway, crashed into an embankment and than burst into flames. Barker and Goldstein were the only survivors. Goldstein died a year after the accident of a drug overdose.

 The NTSB also found fault with the Learjet’s operator, Global Exec Aviation, for “inadequate maintenance.”    




Oregon, Washington Postpone Deadline For Studded Tire Removal

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Because winter-like conditions have extended into spring, Oregon and Washington have pushed back the deadline for the removal of studded snow tires. They must now be removed by April 11.

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) not only considered the recent weather conditions, but also the feedback it heard from residents who live or travel at higher elevations.

Just this past Tuesday, even though spring has officially started, winter-like weather was blamed for a number of accidents and road closings.

In Oregon, drivers can be fined $190 if they don’t remove their tired by the new deadline of April 11. In Washington, the penalty is $124.

Studded tires rack up $11 million in damage to Oregon’s roads every year, according to ODOT.



New Jersey Drivers Must Now Stop For Pedestrians


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When you live in a small town as I do, you learn to do this as a matter of courtesy. The manners of driving are just different in small towns and the person you wait for may be a client, the mother of your child’s friend, a senior citizen. Sometimes I worry that some big city person will not be paying attention and rear end me for it, but all and all, it is just good driving behavior.

My driving manners became the law of the State in New Jersey this week with a new law that requires vehicles to come to a complete stop when a pedestrian enters a crosswalk. The law was being lauded by a man whose son was struck by a man who drove through a stop sign while being distracted, apparently reaching for a drink.

Joel Feldman’s son Casey, a 21-year-old college student, was a statistic last year. About 150 pedestrians on average have been killed every year since 2004 in the Garden State, but that number rose to 159 last year, according to data from the state Division of Highway Traffic Safety. Casey was one of the 159.

The change in New Jersey’s law requiring drivers to stop, not just yield, to pedestrians in crosswalks is meant to cut down on pedestrian deaths.

Feldman, talking to The Star-Ledger about his son’s death in Ocean City, said, “The driver was distracted, reaching for an ice tea or something, and just went through the stop sign. It all happened in broad daylight.”

The penalties under the new law range from a $200 fine, a $100 increase from the old law; community service and two points on a driver’s license.

One former Rutgers University transportation expert said the law will make it clear that drivers must stop for pedestrians, a far different and less ambiguous mandate than just asking motorists to yield.

Two Suffern NY High School Teens Die In Collision With Dump Truck

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Two Suffern, N.Y., high school baseball players died Tuesday when a dump truck hit their car on Route 202 in Montebello, N.Y.

Vincent Crotty, 18, the driver of a Ford Focus, and his passenger Christopher Konkowski, 17, were pronounced dead at the scene.

The two Suffern High School seniors, who both played for the Mounties baseball team, were on their way to practice at about 11 a.m. when the crash took place.

Crotty’s Focus crossed a double line and was then hit by a dump truck driven by Francisco Abarca, 57, of Succasunna, N.J. The Focus was sideways across the road when Abarca hit it with his Volvo Tri-Axle dump truck.

Abarca was not injured in the accident.

Police were trying to determine if a heavy rain and slippery road led to the crash.

Needless to say, the tragic death shook up the town, as relatives of the deceased and fellows students flocked to the crash scene. Police had to move the crowd back so they could reconstruct the accident before removing the body of the teens.

So there will be two youths have had their final season of high school baseball, and their lives, snatched away from them. Is the culprit the tires on their vehicle? If the tires in front have more tread on them than the tires in back, this can cause the vehicle to hydroplane and lose control in heavy rain. For more, see It is so critical that the tires are kept on this vehicle until they can be examined by an expert.